Finding Qualified Personal Injury Solicitors

Accidents happen all the time and being in one yourself that happened because of negligent actions by somebody else is something that holds a certain level of probability for all of us. In such a situation, having good personal injury solicitors comes in very handy as they are your best chance at getting compensation for the injury caused to you.

Professional personal injury solicitors assess each case they receive against all possible turnouts and calculate the likelihood of you winning the case. Being on your own can turn out to be a very tricky thing and having someone who works for you on a no win, no fee basis is extremely beneficial. Good solicitors will provide legal representation in court as you tend to your injuries and help you get compensated for your injury in a speedy manner. You can familiarise yourself further with the types of claims and avoid losing money to insurers by reading ahead.

Personal Injury Claims

This is a specific legal procedure that a person performs when they have been injured in any form of accident that has been caused by the negligence of another person and no fault from their end e.g. getting hit by someone on the road.

Other types of incidents can include whiplash injuries, slips, and trips, accidents that happen at work, or if you get injured in any way while being on holiday or out of the country. Personal injury solicitors can help you determine the exact type of problem that you have faced and then proceed to help you in obtaining the appropriate compensation for it.

If you have been in any of the above-mentioned accidents, your personal injury solicitors will tell you that there are two kinds of damages that can be claimed from such a situation. It can either be General Damages or Special Damages and the applicable type is determined depending on the exact circumstances of your accident.

Definition of General Damages

This is basically a lump sum that is paid to a claimant as a compensation for any pain, loss of materials or any other suffering that they may have had to bear in their accident. The amount that a person receives in this claim is decided by the court and the factors used to determine this include the impact that the accident has had on the person’s life, the extent of injuries that they have suffered and also the resulting disabilities and symptoms that arise from the accident.

Definition of Special Damages

This is the second type of damage that you can ask your personal injury solicitors to pursue and it covers the damages that are proven to have either occurred in the past or are expected to occur in the future from the injury that you have suffered in the accident.

The most common things included in this category are a loss of your earnings, fees that will arise from your medical treatment and other rehabilitation, costs of the medicines you need to use, repair to your personal property that has been damaged in the accident e.g. your car, expense arising from travelling required because of the accident and any loss or damage to personal belongings and clothing etc.

Who is allowed to make this claim?

Letting your personal injury solicitors decide whether or not you qualify for making a personal injury claim is the best way to go about things as it can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary legal fees. If the person making the claim is below the age of 18 then they are appointed a ‘litigation friend’ by the court. This is someone who can represent the child and act in their interest to get the claim processed.

If a person has died, then the claim is made by anyone who is dependent on them e.g. if a head of the family who is also their only source of income passes away in an accident then the dependents can make a claim regarding the loss of dependency to be compensated for their loss.

The right time to make the claim

The easiest answer to this question that even your personal injury solicitors will tell you is “as soon as possible”. A lot of time limits are implemented in accidents involving personal injuries and getting the process started immediately is very important.

Letting your personal injury solicitors know immediately about your accident is highly advised as they can immediately start working on your eligibility for making a claim and then start the process in the minimum amount of time. Not only will they provide you with an answer about your eligibility but also inform you in depth about how much you can claim in any given situation.

Getting what the insurer owes you

In the recent times, there has been an increased concern about frequently arising circumstances of insurers being both the compensators and also the policy providers of at-fault accident scenarios. This causes a conflict of interest that is difficult to point out and leads to a loss of payment in the process.

Only personal injury solicitors who are independent of the insurance company can ensure avoiding such a situation from causing trouble when it comes to getting the full compensation from the insurance company. Otherwise, the insurance companies claim the lawyers that are to work the case and get away with giving a lot less than what a claimant truly deserves against their accident.

Take the safe bet

A lot of people think that they can go to the court themselves and be able to get compensation for their injuries themselves without having to use personal injury Personal Injury Solicitorsolicitors. While this may sound like a good idea to a lot of people, it often turns out to be a big mistake as the legal process is quite daunting and a lot of people trip at some point during the case, losing their ability to get full compensation.

Good personal injury solicitors will immediately assess your case in detail and gather all the information that may be required including evidence and relevant documentation for your case. This can ensure that you get every single penny that you are owed and don’t get “mugged” by the insurance company either.

So the advice is quite simple and logical; hire personal injury solicitors right away to cover any future injuries that you may suffer.