Accident claims for cyclists

It is a common knowledge that in the UK one of the biggest issues related to road safety is the safety of countless people who commute on bicycles. With incidents of bike owners being in accidents heard every now and then, it is considered to be only common sense to have proper legal representation when it comes to getting compensated.

Cyclists often get ignored by cars and lorries on the road and this ignorance leads to a lot of accidents involving cyclists. With proper legal representation, you can be more protected when it comes to cycle accident claims as your lawyers will be able to represent you immediately in case of an accident. Having an independent firm representing you has been considered a very fruitful investment by most bike owners. Almost all the cyclists getting full compensations against their cycle accident claims seem to be represented by a good independent firm that ensures that they are afforded their full rights.

A full suite of services

A lot of people try to represent themselves in a court after being in an accident or choose the lawyer appointed by the insurance company. While that may seem like a cost friendly option, most of these people don’t get even a fraction of the compensation that they are actually owed. A lack of understanding of the legal process means that they can easily be cheated with when it comes to their cycle accident claims. Avoiding that should obviously be your first priority and the best way to do so is by hiring an independent solicitor specialising in cycle accident claims.

Types of cycling claims

The exact nature of your claim is only determinable after studying the details of your specific accident. In general, the cases usually involve either being hit by another vehicle, getting injured due Cyclistto the lack of care from other road users, improper maintenance of the roads and bicycle pathways by authorities. An independent solicitor will be responsible for taking down all the details of your accident and using the information to determine if you are eligible for a compensation. In case you do qualify, they will also make sure that you are compensated with the highest possible amount against your cycle accident claims.

A lot of good and independent solicitors representing cyclists are affiliated in some way with the numerous cyclist clubs around the country. You should check with your local cycling club and see if there are any solicitors who are representing the members of that club so that you can get a closer look at the process.

Gathering evidence

When you have been in an accident, it is very important to gather as much evidence as you can of the scene to support your case. This is a repeated advice of all independent solicitors as their goal is to ensure that you case is dealt with swiftly and fairly. So make sure that you take plenty of photos and videos of the accident scene to provide as evidence in support of your cycle accident claims.

Initiatives for cycling

There is a range of different campaigns that are currently going on in the UK regarding the safety of cyclists and a lot of them seem to have good traction. Road Justice is one of the most popular campaigns that is focused on ensuring that the laws for road safety are made tougher to ensure the safety of cyclists. Under the current laws there seems to be quite a bit of relaxation against such carelessness and Road Justice is trying to put a stop to that.

Gail Porter who is a keen cyclist is also very actively working on a campaign that focuses on HGV drivers to get training specific to the safety of cyclists on the road. Good law firms are often behind such initiatives as they try to ensure the safety of their clients which is particularly helpful. Having someone on your side definitely helps and getting the rights that cyclists want is certainly a noble goal.