Getting compensated for whiplash accidents

There are accidents happening around us all the time and it is very important for us to try and be as safe as possible. However, while we may be avoiding ourselves from having any accidents, it is often seen that people close to an actual accident get whiplash from it and mostly it is a car accident that causes it. This obviously does not deny the other ways in which a person could be injured.

Considering the relatively numerable chances of getting into such an accident, it is quite important to find yourself a good legal representative if the accident was down to another persons mistake or negligent act. Most people try to go online and find the amount they are owed by using a whiplash compensation calculator which might seem like a smart move but it is actually against your benefit most of the time. Not knowing how a typical online whiplash compensation calculator might negatively impact could lead to you losing compensation that you may otherwise be able to get. Keep reading to find out more about why this tool should not be used and what you should really be doing.

Why not use a whiplash compensation calculator?

The fact of the matter is quite simple; being in an accident is not just about numbers. It is about a unique situation that every person experiences and the fine details of every case are different. A typical whiplash compensation calculator would ask you some basic questions and somehow generate a sum that you are owed which could be far below the actual amount owed. A personal injury solicitor is a right way to go as they can register all the fine details of your case, sometimes things that even you yourself would end up missing.

One thing that is particularly difficult to calculate for a typical whiplash compensation calculator is the psychological damage that a person had to suffer from their incident and the exact extent of it. Having a personal injury solicitor who understands the issue in depth is essential to getting your complete case documented and presented to the court.

Typical range of personal injury solicitor questions

The scope of a whiplash compensation calculator is quite limited in terms of the questions itself. Most of the calculators being used out there ask you question ranging from the following:

1. The part of your body that has been injured;

2. Loss of money in terms of time lost from work;

3. Any other costs incurred by you;

This is a very vague and generalised line of questioning that is bound to provide a very vague solution to a problem that demands specific answers. Visiting a proper solicitor would prove to be a much better choice as they ask more personal questions and are able to understand and interpret your answers in the exact manner that you want them to. A proper solicitor would also ask you questions such as the following:

1. What kind of psychological damage have you suffered from the accident;
2. Any medical records that you have relevant to the accident;
3. The extent of damage that your vehicle has suffered;
4. Any witnesses at the scene that you could point out.

The nature of such questions is quite direct and personal and the answers you give for them can only be interpreted accurately by an actual human being and not a whiplash compensation calculator.

Finding the right solicitor

Instead of waiting to get into trouble and then trying to find answers to your problem on a whiplash compensation calculator, it is highly advised that you find a good solicitor who can advise you properly about such a situation and provide free discussion about the possibilities as well.