This policy provides information about the data that is collected by the website and the way it is protected to keep your personal information properly guarded and private.

We are highly devoted to ensuring the privacy of data on our website at all times. If there is ever a scenario where you are asked to share you private information to us through our website, we can assure you that it will happen in accordance with this policy.

The policy is prone to change by the company with the passage of time to adjust to the changing requirements. It is highly advised that you keep on visiting this page to make sure that you are happy with the changes that are being brought to the policy. This way we can ensure that you don’t face any breach in your privacy from our end and are aware of our data collection method at all times.

What information do we gather?

For the purpose of contacting you, we usually ask from the following questions to determine the specifics of any particular person:

1. Your name and the title of your job;
2. Your geographical location e.g. the postcode and other demographic information such as interests and preferences;
3. Other information that can be utilised for surveying customers
4. Other information for contacting you e.g. email address etc.

The purpose of getting this information can be from any of the following, depending on the intended use which is declared at the time of asking you for the information:

1. Keeping your data in our internal records;
2. Providing you better service by analysing your details;
3. Sharing promotional information to you that you may find informative and interesting regarding our services on your email address;
4. For security of our own business.

We realise that the information that has been listed above is of sensitive nature and to ensure its protection. Therefore, we have put in place a wide range of security redundancies that are both electronic and physical and the administrative procedures involved with its usage also add to its security.

Using cookies

A cookie is basically a very small file that is saved in your computer by your permission from any particular website. Our website, like most other websites providing services to customers use cookies too. The purpose of this file is to analyse a user’s website use patterns and personalise the experience for them. Same is the case with our website as we use cookies to see how we can provide you with a better experience when you are using our website.

External links

There may be some instances where we might quote links to websites other than our own and it would entirely be your own choice to visit or not visit them. It should be very clear that we do not protect the privacy of your data that you may divulge on any external website and would not be responsible in case of a breach of privacy.

Contact us

If you are unsure about any of the information that has been provided here or believe that it is incorrect, please contact us immediately for rectification. You should also contact us immediately if you think any of your own personal data that you may have provided to us is incorrect. We will immediately correct your information after you have contacted us.